Sreya Halder

Artist, Innovator, Engineer, Creative
HI, I'm Sreya :)

👋 I'm a creative technologist* in working in emerging & immersive technologies based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

🎓 I'm currently studying at Stanford University, where I did my undergrad in Computer Science and Art Practice and am pursuing my Master's in Computer Science, AI.

🌱 Ask me about: real-time rendering, consumer-facing products, AR/VR applications and the future of the "Metaverse," food & travel recommendations, anything art-related, and my opinions on the evolution of human societies.

*creative technologist: an engineer approaching tech solutions from a design & product-oriented perspective
notable work


Organize your wardrobe with my avatar clothing app (100,000+ downloads).

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Contributed to the future of movie-making with the Helios real-time renderer.

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Club Cardinal

Innovative social platform combining gaming and social networking for University life.

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