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London, England

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Covent Garden/Soho
The best place to stay in all of London. I booked this Airbnb in Leicester Square and it was the perfect location.

The area has great places to shop, eat, and go out and is generally very busy and fun. The apartment had a view of the sunrise and access to the roof through the bedroom window.


The Clove Club
As of 2023, #38 best restaurant in the world. Two Michelin stars, if you care about that. And it definitely tops my list.

Staff were so friendly, food was unique and wordly. It ended up being close to 20 courses, and my favorite was the lobster. Although the Australian scallops and truffle come close.
If you decide to ignore all my other recs, please spare this one. I knew London was known for its Indian food, but I didn't know it was like this.

Prices are damn good, and they have such an extensive menu of creative Indian-Western dishes. If you go for brunch, get the bacon naan roll.
The Wolesley
Can't leave London without having a proper afternoon tea. This one is overpriced ($50 for two cream teas), buuuut the interior is kind of worth it.

Beautiful chandeliers and white tablecloths and great selection of teas.
Granger & Co.
This is technically an Australian joint but such a cute spot for people watching. Also the neighborhood, Marylebone, is a quaint place to stroll. Go to Daunt afterwards (see below).
Buns from Home
My friend Sarah recommended this place to me. She said: "you HAVE to go get their cardamom buns I miss it every day since I've left london"

Sarah did not disappoint.
I met up with my friend Rayouf around the Camden Market and we stumbled upon this place while looking for somewhere to grab lunch. Happened to be completely vegetarian.

What I love most about London is the diversity in their food. This place had Indian, African, Southeast Asian dishes, you name it. And I couldn't get enough.
Bar Italia
You know when it's the middle of the night, you've just left the bar/club/function and need a good postgame? This might be the only place that's open. In fact, it was for us on a fateful Monday night.

No one there but some gentlemen giving big mafia vibes sitting outside, and Elvis playing on the radio. Good times.
Bill's! Yes, Bill's. What a gorgeous, gorgeous restaurant. I wanted an English breakfast/brunch and this was the place to do it. You know, tea, grilled tomatoes, sausage, eggs. The vibes.

This spot is in Soho, tucked away in a rainbow-clad alley.


Tiger Tiger
I didn't do too much research on clubs in London, but thankfully my cousin and her friends know about these things. They took me here my first night, and I was surprised at the size of the club.

Six different rooms, different music in each ranging from house to hip hop to bollywood. Interesting crowd, but lots of fun.
Be At One
It's Monday night. My last night in London (on this particular trip). What better to do than find a random club in Soho to dance in?

And it did deliver. Good number of people, fun crowd, and great company with me :)
Ally Pally
Alexandra Palace. My cousin secured tickets for Fred again's opening night show for his tour this year, and it was held in this beautiful venue miles away from the city. But it was truly a night to remember.

Went to my first pub after!


Vintage in Soho/Covent Garden
I was astonished by this neighborhood. So calm, vibrant, and lively at the same time. And vintage stores everywhere! I wish I could take it all home with me. Definitely spend at least half a day here if you like shopping at all. You'll be burnt out after.


National Gallery
An incredible collection of traditional art, everything from portraits to landscapes to personifications of old stories. And it's completely free!
Daunt Books
You might have heard of this one before. If not, it's a cute little bookstore, designed for "travelers," in the heart of Marylebone. It's got books about every country you can think of.

Don't leave without one of their tote bags!
Regent's Park
Honestly a must-see. The park is quite expansive and is complete with a quiet lake, rose gardens, interesting sculptures, and plenty of ground for a stroll.

Sat here with my bun from Buns from Home and my book from Daunt for a lil break.
Tate Modern
Very cool format for a museum. Every floor had something completely different and surprising. Honestly reminded me of LACMA.

Also the area just outside, by the Thames, is the perfect spot to sit and have deep conversations with friends.