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Garde du Nord
I booked this Airbnb super last minute but the room was very cozy & quirky. Rougher area, but close to some major train stops so it was easy to get to more happening arrondissements.

But I wouldn't recommend staying here lol.


Les Arlots
This place was recommended to me by a Parisian waiter over at The Clove Club in London.

Really cute bistro atmosphere and staff were surprisingly friendly. Menu is literally scrawled on a chalkboard so I just asked the waitress for recs. Get the homemade sausage, they do it best.
Maison d'Isabelle
I was looking for a good croissant, and this place is allegedly the best in all of Paris. I wasn't here long enough to test that out, but I'd trust them.

But you could save yourself some time and go to another local patisserie. Ask around for favorites ;)
Le Mary Celeste
Recommended to me by my bartender at Little Red Door, which was just down the street.

I think this place is technically a bar, so they do smaller plates. I tried the beef tartare and tomato dish. Simple, but it may have converted me into a tomato girl.
Breizh Cafe
A chill creperie in Le Marais, right between a bunch of vintage shops so it's the perfect place to stop for a bite while shopping.

Crepes were pretty good, and I also tried their signature cider which was a bit too funky/natural wine-ish for my taste.
A more modern brunch spot in the 10th arrondissement -- also recommended by the folks over at The Clove Club.

Pretty standard western breakfast, but the hash browns were the best I've ever had!!
A famous boulangerie right down the street from HolyBelly. Line was long but moved fast, and I tried their signature choux for 1 euro.

Disclaimer: you have to spend at least 3 euro here to use card. So I panicked and grabbed a very greasy cookie that I unfortunately could not bring myself to consume. rip
Les Deux Magots
This brasserie is famous for being a place that authors and artists like Hemingway and Picasso would frequent.

I mean it's really classy, in a great area, and the food is actually really good. But I dropped almost $50 on breakfast.
Restaurant 52
I met up with a lovely new friend at this bistro in the 10th arrondissement. Food was really good -- we got the pesto burrata and fish.
Pierre Herme
Can't leave Paris without trying some macarons. Go to Ladurée if you want, I liked Pierre Hermé more.

They were the kindest people in all of Paris. Or maybe my French was just getting better. Took these to the park to enjoy while reading.


Little Red Door
#5 best bar in the world. I was able to walk right in!

Their whole thing is partnering with local farmers and making drinks based around one ingredient. Like basil, walnut, plum. They gave me a free sample of their olive drink. I hate olives but idk how they're so good in unconventional settings (i.e. ice cream & alcohol).
Really cute Italian spot with an underground bar. The bar itself was small, speakeasy-vibes but lovely ambiance. That's all.


Vintage in Le Marais
I came to Paris with a mission: vintage shopping. And there are a plethora in this neighborhood (3rd/4th arrondissement).

I started at a popup near Miista, then went to Le Temple du Vintage, The Room, and Vintage System. Got some incredible stuff and had to leave a lot behind. :'(
I found this Parisian brand while walking around Le Marais, and had to go in because of the dresses I saw in the window. The pieces are sooo unique and imo worth an investment for a wedding or something.

I fell in love with a pair of gold earrings and bought them for 60 euro.


Shakespeare & Company
I stumbled upon this bookstore while on a walk and didn't realize it was a tourist destination. It's really small but cute, right by the cathedral.

There are cuter bookstores, though, and we'll get to that!
Musée d'Orsay
Probably my favorite museum in Paris. Not as crowded as the Louvre, and it houses sculptures and art from the Romantic and Impressionist periods (personal favorites).

And they have an extensive Van Gogh exhibit, for you art hoes ;)
The Louvre
It's a sea of people here. After the calm of Musée d'Orsay I wasn't expecting a Times Square-esque crowd in every hallway and staircase.

Looking above all the heads, though, the museum is unbelievable. The collections are larger than life and worth seeing in person if you like art at all.
This neighborhood was the only reason why I liked Paris so much. It's gorgeous, peaceful, free of crowds, and full of literature and bookstores and decor shops.

Definitely worth a stroll. Just be careful because I got the vibe that people are stingier here.
Jardin du Luxembourg
Reason #2 to fall in love with Paris. I've never seen a garden to beautiful. What a privilege it must be to be able to walk in anytime, grab a chair under the rows of trees and read a book.

My favorite part is by the Medici Fountain. Makes you feel like you're in some courtyard in some kingdom far, far away.
YSL Museum
Paris is home to many famous luxury fashion houses and couturiers. So if you like fashion at all, definitely check out some of the dedicated museums.

The YSL one was small, but very inspirational.
Dior Museum
The line was pretty long when I got there, but I was able to get in without tickets. I'd advise booking ahead of time.

The museum itself was beautiful. Dior is my favorite luxury brand for the way they accentuate femininity. I fell in love with the floral exhibit.
Musée Delacroix
While the Louvre and Musée D'Orsay are great, Paris has plenty of smaller art museums.

This one is in Saint-Germain-de-Prés. Delacroix was a French Romantic artist, and the museum is actually built in his home. It has a small courtyard at the end with a pretty place to relax.