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Althea Inn Roof Terrace
I looooved this little bed and breakfast for my stay in Rome. It's in Testaccio, very close to the metro. The rooms were honestly really nice for the price, and the hosts were great.

Also, comes with free bikes! And it's next to this cool pyramid.


Flavio Al Velavevodetto
God, I was so hangry before I went to this place that I can barely remember the food. But I do recall that it was good. They are known for their carbonara, so definitely grab a plate of that.

Also, I'll include the entire list of restaurants recommended by our lovely Airbnb host.
Felice a Testaccio
The "best cacio e pepe" in the world. Or in Rome. Can't remember. It seems to be a hot tourist spot, but honestly rightfully so. The pasta was delicious, although I didn't get to try enough cacio e pepe at other establishments, so can't back up that first statement.
Idylio by Apreda
One Michelin Star, in a gorgeous hotel right by the Pantheon. It's on a little cobblestone street, away from the bustle of the rest of the city.

The setting was gorgeous and the food was exciting, but I unfortunately got sick off of too many glasses of wine and could not finish the last course. :(


Drink Kong
Currently the #21 best bar in the world, but I had no idea when I went. Just thought it looked like a cool spot.

But, alas, it is now top 3 in my heart. Drinks and service were both amazing, and great vibe. Go go go!
Ice Club
So I didn't realize that Ice Club was a thing everywhere until recently. But it's still a cool experience. They give you these giant coats to wear because the inside is actually freezing, and they serve you drinks in little ice cones.


Trevi Fountain
Typical! Why even bother to write about this. I saw the replica in Vegas years before the real one, but it is a beautiful relic to behold. I knew I had to see it in person.

Just be ready for the crowds and the clickbait gelato places around.
Gardens of the Villa Borghese
One of the most magical parks/gardens I've been to. It has a beautiful view over the city of Rome, and is complete with statues, bike paths, and food stalls. A great place for bird watching, too.
Piazza di Spagna
Given only two days in Rome, I was convinced to take a bike around the city to see as many sights as possible. This is one of many, and definitely a touristy spot (I mean, what isn't).

But it's a great place for people watching and general congregation.
San Luigi dei francesi
I always love to revel at beautiful, ornate, historic churches. This is no exception. Step inside to walls lined with gold, godly sculptures and larger-than-life frescoes.
The Colosseum
YAKWTFGO. It's cool from the outside, but didn't get time to explore further inside. Kind of crazy that people, you know, made this with their bare hands. Chase Center could never!
Piazza Navona
One of our last stops on Rome-on-bike. Kind of an express tour, but it's just too big of a city. Another day, another plaza. Stained glass, dramatic poses, and horses??
St. Angelo Castle
Took a tour of this ancient castle from 139 AD (according to Google). That year is like...not real. It's now a museum, but it's really cool to see how spacious it is on the inside. People really be living in rocks!
Vatican City
This is where I met the Pope. Jk, but I know he was in there somewhere. It's definitely worth a stop, and there are some interesting shops just outside the main part of the city. One is Humilis -- they make pendants and jewelry "inspired by the figure of the Saint of Assisi."